Relaxing massage

Estelle’s certified massage oils offer a moment of relaxation for a moment of pure happiness.

Reservations before your arrival or on site depending on availability.

Rejuvenating massage


Enjoy a parenthesis with this massage in full consciousness which allows a reduction of stress, its benefits are reflected through the nervous system on the whole organism and on the psychic level. A real bubble of happiness that will sell rebalance your energies

30 or 45 mn / 30€ or 45€

Relaxing foot massage


The foot massage provides a feeling of well-being, deep relaxation and tranquility, it helps to improve health or maintain it.

45 mn / 45€

Leg massage

For athletes or people with heavy legs, leg massage will bring you a feeling of lightness, boost blood circulation and allow deep relaxation of muscles and tissues.

30 mn / 30€

massages referred nontherapeutic

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