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In spring, cyclists have also access to various routes, nature lovers will be delighted by the exceptional environment offered by the Haute Maurienne, the Vanoise National Park (with different levels of hiking itineraries) . Traduction à voir

Pour les petits et les grands de nombreuses activités l’hiver comme l’été sont possibles à la station de la Norma située à 2,5 km de la maison et dans les stations environnantes : Aussois, Termignon, Val Cenis

Barrière of Esseillon :

The entrance of the Haute Maurienne possesses an exceptional vestige of defense lines made by the House of Savoy against a possible French invasion.

It is classified as an historic monument, forts were built by the sovereigns of Savoy between 1820 and 1850 At the top of a natural barrier, it was an obstacle that forbade the access between the Haute-Maurienne and the Pass Mont-Cenis.

Three kilometers long and 250 m in height, this barrier is made up of 5 forts bearing the names of the kingdom's sovereigns: the Marie-Thérèse redoubt, Fort Victor-Emmanuel, Fort Charles-Félix, Fort Marie-Christine and the unfinished fort Charles-Albert. After the unification of Savoy to France in 1860, the forts lost their usefulness. Fort Charles-Albert will be completely destroyed and Fort Charles-Félix in part.

The forts join the ranks of the French army. Then, they will be occupied during the Second World War by Moroccan skirmishers as evidenced by the signs of their battalion drawn on the walls.

There are 3 routes to explore the place freely and a more fun ride (treasure hunts for the family).

Adventure park "Parcobranche du Diable"

230 games for all levels dispatched in 24 circuits. Workshops for children from 2 years, progressive levels from 6 years old, zip lines for kids and 2 giant zip lines:

  • The zipline of the Angels with a departure at the edge of the Arc gorges 150m high and 230m long
  • The Paradise zipline (the tallest and longest in the world) with 180 m high and 640 m long!

We recommend you to get there for the day to have time to do all the activities Picnic on site possible or you can have lunch in the snack bar located in Fort Marie-Thérèse.

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